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The patient was a female who is 44 years old. She was quite concern regarding her facial aging skin. She mentioned the skin as dropping off from her face. She had previously skin rejuvenation procedures. She had dermal fillers on naso-labial fold in april 2012. She also had botulinum toxin A treatment in May and October 2012.she had implants for breast in October 2009. She initially requested specifically for fillers and Botox treatment in order to enhance her facial skin texture. As per previous extensive facial treatment like fillers and Botox in a matter of few months, initial consultation was more focused to exclude in Body Dysmorphic Syndrome.  She also  had dermal filler for the nasolabial fold and chin area later. This procedure was done by another physician.

Initial examination revealed  type 3 Fitzpatrick skin as her skin sometimes burnt but she has had averagely tan. She had a Glogau classification of 2. The soft tissue laxity was classified as  initially localized. Her soft tissue active mobility was ideal for her age. There was not any asymmetry in her facial organs.
Patient was diagnosed with mild to moderate skin aging due to extrinsic and internist factors.
Management and outcome: Following the initial consultation and based on her needs , she agreed on percutaneous collagen induction(PCI) and toxin therapy for her facial skin rejuvenation. The detailed explanation given regarding the skin needling. The benefit and disadvantages of such a procedure were discussed in comparison to the other available modalities for facial skin rejuvenation.
Consents for photography before and after procedures were taken after details explanation of the procedures including complication and suitability of other modalities for skin resurfacing.
She underwent the skin resurfacing via percutaneous collagen induction on 16/03/2013 followed by toxin therapy on 12/04/2013. The nasolabial line and chin augmentation were performed at the same day as toxin therapy.

this patient was quite happy with outcome of the therapy.