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There are many methods for facial and Skin
rejuvenation ranging from lasers (ablative, sub ablative and non-ablative) to chemical peels. Choosing the right method or combination of methods for this procedure is a challenge. There are many factors involved in reaching such a decision or selection of procedures. A free consultation with Dr. Didar can identify your skin type and requirement. One off most effective and cost effective method of skin rejuvenation is Micro-needling of skin.

Skin needling is a method by which the new collagen type 1 is produced in the deeper layer of skin, The needling of skin became as a method of skin rejuvenation in 1997. in skin needling the penetration of needles in the layer of skin causes injury,. This injury stimulates several cascade of healing process. EGF (Epidermal growth factors and other factor like fibroblast stimulating factor are released from injured skin. This promoted and induced the production of new collagen specially type1. the skin declined this type of collagen and accumulated collage type 3 as we are aging.  There are many benefits of doing skin needling as the following:
• Skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenation.
• Acne scars & wound healing.
• Improves wrinkles and fine lines.
• Minimize pore size.
• Improves stretch marks.
• Treats Alopecia.
Take Acne scar and wound healing for example, this procedure reduces the acne scar on face and other part of body. It is very efficient in reduction of wrinkles and skin rejuvenation.
There are very different methods of Micro-needling from Derma-roller to Auto – Fractional Needling System like Derma FNS pen. The needles in this state of art technology and device penetrate vertically in the skin with minimal damage to the epithelium (the outer surface of skin).  Dr. Didar has gained efficient experience to both method namely derma-roller and Derma FNS. Book a free consultation in order to find the best solution for your skin rejuvenation solution.