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Non surgical face lift We use new Silhouette Lift product for this sophisticated procedure. Silhouette Lift is an FDA approved non-surgical technique employed to lift sagging tissue in the mid to lower face. Silhouette Lift uses a new type of suspension sutures specifically developed for the procedure. Sutures are made of a non-absorbable polypropylene strands, which holds several flexible, absorbable hollow cones. This cones allow tissue growth inside and around hollow cones, creating a much stronger anchoring mechanism compared to traditional sutures. We perform face lift under local anaesthesia. You will remain awake and alert during the procedure. The procedure takes about one hour. For facial rejuvenation, the physician will make a small incision into the temporal region just above the hair line. depending on the desired lift, a number of Silhouette sutures will be inserted and pulled back to lift lower face. In case of a neck lift, an incision will be made behind the ear. You can resume normal activity within two to four days. Expect two weeks for skin to fully recover its natural aspect.

Non-surgical Face Lift by

Silhouette Soft ® (Thread Lift)

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