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Non surgical face lift by PDO Threads

What is a PDO Thread Lift?

A PDO Thread Lift is a non-surgical facelift with Polydioxanone (PDO) threads, all the structures of face like skin, fat tissue, muscles and bones are all subject to the ageing process. Some external factors like smoking would accelerates this process. 

Facial skin start sagging in the process of ageing. It will demonstrate loose and flaccid skin associated with predominant wrinkles.

SMAS(superficial Muscular aponeurosis System ) lies between/below skin and a layer of fat tissue. SMAS has a anchoring effect. This anchoring effect is enhanced with the functionality of facial ligaments too. 

PDO threads are made of special absorbable material (duration of absorption is different from a thread to another one). They are inserted in the special anatomical compartment of facial skin in Dermis or subdermis (insertion death is carried based on material and technique). They are 

suitable if you have loose skin around your mid to lower face and are looking for a tighter and fresher appearance.

They can create immediate and after procedure minimal to moderate lifting effect which are varied based on age and acquired damaged  of facial skin. 

This procedure is minimally invasive with a less downtime.


One area PDO threads treatment

from £620

Under eye rejuvenation with PDO
                        from  £520
eye brow lift

From £720

Two areas face Lift options

from £950

Full Face Face Lift PDO Thread 

from £1550

8 Points Face Lift


Laughing Lines Correction


Nose re-shaping



Non-surgical Face Lift by Silhouette Soft Threads

Silhouette Lift We use new Silhouette Lift product for this sophisticated procedure. Silhouette Lift is an FDA approved non-surgical technique employed to lift sagging tissue in the mid to lower face. Silhouette Lift uses a new type of suspension sutures specifically developed for the procedure. Sutures are made of a non-absorbable polypropylene strands, which holds several flexible, absorbable hollow cones. This cones allow tissue growth inside and around hollow cones, creating a much stronger anchoring mechanism compared to traditional sutures. We perform face lift under local anaesthesia. You will remain awake and alert during the procedure. The procedure takes about one hour. For facial rejuvenation, the physician will make a small incision into the temporal region just above the hair line. depending on the desired lift, a number of Silhouette sutures will be inserted and pulled back to lift lower face. In case of a neck lift, an incision will be made behind the ear. You can resume normal activity within two to four days. Expect two weeks for skin to fully recover its natural aspect.


Silhouette Soft ® (Thread Lift)

Eye Brew lift - From £925    
Mid face Lift - From £1950    
Jaw line and neck lift - From £1950    
Midface and jaw line lift - From £2495