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Reversing facial sag is a very difficult to achieve. Due to ageing or sun damage or any other reason, once the facial sag begins, there are not many options available to rectify the situation. However, healthy skin makes us looks younger and more attractive. With the same intention, efforts have been made to preserve and rejuvenate the facial skin. Radiofrequency (RF) treatment is yet another effective option.

In the past, "face lift" surgical procedure was one of the fewer options to reduce skin sagging. Surgical procedures give good results however, are costly, patients need more time to recover and each treatment carries its own share of possible complications and side effects.

Radiofrequency is a facial rejuvenation method that can treat skin problems without using any type of invasive surgery. Today RF treatment for face has gained popularity and provides results similar to laser facial treatment and other non-invasive facial skin rejuvenation treatments.

How RF Facial Skin Treatments Work

During the RF treatment radiofrequency electromagnetic energy is delivered into the facial skin through an electrode. Certain frequency of radio waves can possibly penetrate the outer skin layers such as the "upper dermis" and "epidermis". The energy generated through the waves is absorbed by underlying skin tissues causing them to heat up. To provide relief in such a situation, skin is cooled using cryogenic spray.

The heat produced within deep skin tissue causes an increase in collagen production. RF treatment can help to substantially reduce wrinkles, and remove facial skin blemishes, overall making the skin tighter and giving a youthful facial skin complexion. RF treatment for face can be divided into two subcategories depending on the number of electrodes used, namely,  Monopolar and Bipolar.

Monopolar and Bipolar RF Treatment for Face

Monopolar RF facial skin treatments uses a single electrode and the opposing electrode is placed at a considerate distant. This allows current to flow deep within the skin, usually 20mm under the skin’s surface. This type of treatment helps in reducing facial skin sag, skin sloppiness and prevents disintegration of cellulite.

Bipolar RF treatment for face uses two closely positioned electrodes. This allows the current to flow superficially, only 2-4 mm below the skin's surface. For results, this type of treatment is usually combined with other procedures, such as laser facial treatment.