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eye bags1 tear throughThere different causes for sunken eyes or eyes bag. These areas are very sensitive to environmental and internal factors effect. Lack of sleep , smoking and sun damage are among most important external factors on creation of eye bags and sunken eye. Aging including loss of fat pads in this area would cause tear through deformity as well as creation of eye bag. This condition needs treatment and attention otherwise it progress to skelton eye. The oval shape of upper eye lid eventually changes to the reverse V shape. The following modalities can be used for tightening of skin in the peri-orbital area: 1. Correction of tear through deformity by fillers like teosyle redentisy type 2 2. Eye boost via multiple superficial injection of retylone light 3. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) 4. Laser resurfacing of the area. Dr Didar performs all the above modalities in order to rejuvenate the peri-orbital area and enhance the appearance of this area. Book you free consultation with him for a deep insight understanding of you needs.