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These use naturally occurring fruit acids (alpha hydroxy acids) in higher conentrations than used by beauticians. Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane.

glycolic peels are not deep peels. There is no down time, you will not be required to hide for 4 weeks while you grow your face back! We use 70% glycolic acid to remove the very outer layer of the skin, revealing fresh skin underneath to give a healthy glow. best results come from repeated applications. by speeding up skin turnover and stimulating collagen growth, the results of deeper peels can be achieved in a few months as opposed to a few weeks.

Peels can help to improve rough skin texture, dry or flaking skin, fine lines due to sun damage, mild acne and acne marks, “age spots” (caused by sun damage) and balancing irregular skin tones. They can also be used to help skin glow prior to a special occasion.

The procedure involves degreasing the skin then applying the acid. After 4 minutes the acid is neutralised. a slight stinging sensation is felt. Afterwards application of sun block and avoidance of sunlight and sunbeds is recommended. There may be some redness, scabbing or blistering but this heals in a few days. We recommend a course of 6 peels, applied once a month.