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Skin needling is used to achieve percutaneous collagen induction and effective treatment for acne scar. This method has been used since 1995. This method  is practical and simple. It can be used in a dermatological office. It does not need sophisticated device or equipment. The physician uses a derma roller. This device puncture the skin in a rotatory movement in order to induce collage synthesis(PCI : Percutaneous Collagen Induction).  Hand-held instrument has a handle with a cylinder studded with 0.5 to 2 mm long stainless stell needles all around. The physician use different type of needle length based on the type of the scar. This is why the first initial consultation is very important. The acne scar is identified at this stage and appropriate treatment is planed. there are other modalities for treating acne scar like laser treatment as well ass PRP(Platelets rich plasma).