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Sculptra is a FDA approved cosmetic treatment that helps to restore youthful skin. This treatment takes care of shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds that are few of the several signs of ageing. Sculptra injects collagen dietary supplements into the skin, which helps to produce collage within deep skin layers and restore facial volume and fullness.

How does it Work?

Sculptra Aesthetic is made up of biodegradable, synthetic material known as poly-L-lactic acid (PLA). This substance helps the body rebuild collagen that aids in restoring skin’s youthfulness. Doctor examines the skin and marks the areas which need treatment. If required a topical anaesthesia may be applied to reduce discomfort during the treatment. Thereafter synthetic substance (PLA) is injected under the skin layers. On being injected, Sculptra helps to naturally reconstruct collage under the skin layers, providing volume and fullness to facial skin. Immediately after treatment, the region is gently massaged to ensure that the synthetic substance is evenly distributed. This also prevents formation of bumps under the skin. Individual results and treatment might vary; however, the treatment regime typically consists of three injections spanned across three to four months.

How is Sculptra Different from other Dermal Fillers?

One major difference between Sculptra and other dermal fillers is that the former one is placed evenly under the affected areas whereas the latter one is ‘spot’ placed, for example, under a single wrinkle or a single line. Sculptra is not derived from human or animal source; it is purely a synthetic ingredient. It is completely safe and will not harm the human body. Also, Sculptra is supplied as a powder that is mixed with sterile water before being injected, unlike other fillers which come in the form of gel. 

Side Effects and Recommendations

Some temporary side effects are seen post treatment, such as, redness, swelling, tenderness, pain at the injection site, bruising, bleeding and sometimes itching. An ice pack can serve as an instant relief to these effects. The effects tend to subside within few days. To achieve satisfying results, always approach a skilled doctor. Although an allergy test is not required, patients allergic to any substance should be cautious with the ingredients used in the treatment prior to administration. Sculptra is not intended to be used for regions surrounding the eyes and lips.


Unlike other dermal fillers, results of Sculptra are not visible immediately. It takes weeks or months to become fully visible. Results of the treatment can last for up to two years. Patients should always wait to see the results before opting for a follow-up treatment.